About Us
About Us

Artokras creators

Artokras Project is the synergy of designers, constructors and design engineers.  We opened our workshop in 2017 with long-term professional experience and expertise behind us. However, our potential is not only our best practices, there are enough good craftsmen in the world, and it is good coordination and complementarities of our team. Whether it pertains to a grandiose cottage project or a cozy children’s room we put the space into the meaningful shape and harmonize it. 
Yes, we are passionate about our work and gather a team of rapt and responsible people like us to create for those who are interested in the result. 

Ivashko Roman

Engineer / Project Manager

I organize the whole process of construction and personally responsible for its quality. The Most beautiful thing is to observe how the drawings and diagrams perfected to perfection turn into the same exact, but already tangible forms and constructions. I am I organize the construction process and are responsible for the quality of construction.

Электронная почта: ivashko@artokras.ru

Ext: 111

Fedotova Polina

Architect / designer / 3d renderer

In my work there are only 2 landmarks: the task and possibilities of the Customer. And This freedom opens a huge expanse in a combination of styles, expression of feelings and selection of finishing materials and décor. And the best recognition-to get a photo of happy customers, where they eat and have fun with the whole family at the table in the interior created by you. She graduated from the Ural State Academy of Architecture and Art (UGAHA). Master of architecture of residential and public premises.

Электронная почта: fedotova@artokras.ru

Ext: 112

Krylov Aleksadr

Architect / Engineer-Designer

There are no two identical projects, as there are no two identical families. There is Always a place for individual "chips" that will organically complement the usual everyday life. This principle is based On my credo: Think slowly — work fast. Graduated from Moscow State Building University (MGIMO). Speciality Industrial and Civil Construction (ASG). More than 15 years of Experience in construction companies of different profiles.

Электронная почта: krylov@artokras.ru

Ext: 113

Volkova Irina

Interior designer / 3d Visualizer

The Designer is first of all a realist, and only then the artist. In My projects, I use only real-existing materials of furnish, furniture and décor which can be bought from concrete manufacturers or to make to order. Thanks to this approach, Customers can be assured that expectations of 100% will coincide with reality. Graduated from the Institute of UNICK, graphic designer.

Электронная почта: volkova@artokras.ru

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Two secrets of construction for life

Not only listening but also hearing. We have a way of feeling the vibes, noticing subtle aspects and as a result hitting the mark – to compline the very image from multiple ideas.

Balancing aesthetics and practicality. We avoid abstraction to find specific solutions by investigating tasks, a day plan and habits of the people for whom we create the space.Creation and maintenance of individual projects that will satisfy the wishes of any customer.
Full customer support and true dedication to the implementation of our turnkey projects.

The last lamp

What a house do you dream about? It may be imagined in exquisite details or you will just know it is cozy, easy and safe. For the house of the highest grade one may like to create it ideal at once: choose colors properly, use durable materials and technologies, take into account any possible problems and needs.

For you – it is a way packed with agitation and expectancy, for us – a new challenge. For this very reason we throw our hearts into the project fully until the last lamp lights up in your house.