The construction and maintenance teams of Artokras studio are at your command. Works are completed in close cooperation with design engineers and designers to get the result in strict compliance with the project.
We are not bound by materials manufacturers to maintain objectivity and offer Customers the best in quality and price solutions. Transparency of all processes is our key rule, guaranteeing that you will always know what and how your house is built.

Frame House

Frame technology is the best way to build a house of quality materials and to meet the budget. Thus there is a scope for creativity, as we are one of the few, who instead of "adaptation" of the model project develops the design from scratch under the Client, taking into account all technical nuances. Construction is carried out by own brigades, which specialize in frame houses. They pay Special attention to the accuracy of connection of each part, joints and fitting of the cladding.


We offer the construction of glued timber to connoisseurs of the stunning microclimate and atmosphere of coziness, which can create only natural wood. Technology justifies its considerable value by offering limitless possibilities in architecture, high environmental performance of materials and durability of construction.

Houses from a gas-block

Aerated Concrete is suitable for projects with non-standard layouts and original exterior. However, the technology is demanding on the experience of architects and builders. It is Necessary to prepare the foundation of a special type, correctly calculate load bearing walls, flawlessly lay the first row of blocks and equip reinforcing belts. We take into account all the nuances of construction of aerated concrete, so the house will delight not only its appearance, but also long comfortable operation.

Small architectural forms

To Place on a site functional objects and sculptures not less responsible task, than building of a house. For us, any such work is a challenge to the skill architect, who should accurately assess the potential of space, consider the practicality of materials, usability and withstand the style of the leading building. Instead of template Solutions we create an exclusive project, a work of art every time. And with the same carefulness we carry out construction that the design was stable and durable not only on paper, but also in reality.