Interior Design

Interior Design

We decorate the interior space of apartments, cottages and public spaces, visualize your future interior, and compile a procurement plan for materials, furniture and decor to simplify the repair and finishing process. 


When designing we are eager to create relaxing and comforting atmosphere that should be dictated by the interior.

Weekend houses

This type suggests maximum merging with nature therefore the whole design is focused on mutual penetration of spaces and environment.


Help you to find a style that is closest to you, take into account all necessary features and create the practical design that can be brought into life.


We find non-standard interior solutions to find an individual style for each room and with that save the common concept of the house interior.

Public spaces

We develop interiors and brand the space for public and commercial goals: shops, offices, theaters, exhibitions, cafes, bars, showrooms, etc.


We use in decoration innovative in-house compositions and also created in partnership with different Russian decorators.