Exterior design

Exterior design

We design the landscape to be in harmony with the house and other structures, reasonably create territory zoning and consider each detail including flowers in garden beds and garden sculptures.


Create a unique appearance of the living house achieving perfect harmony with surroundings.


Bathhouses and saunas combining with the leading architectural style of the house but having peculiar individuality with that.

Weekend houses

Design of small architectural constructions such as sheds, storehouses, garden houses, guest and summer houses splendidly blending into the natural landscape.

Entrance Units

For living and commercial objects with regard to publicity and building structure specifics.

Public buildings

Develop exteriors for cultural facilities and administrative public places basing the concept on key ideas and the goal that the project is aimed to serve in whole.

Industrial buildings

Architect an external appearance of industrial objects with regard to the specifics. It allows reaching a compromise when choosing materials and design.